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Jeffrey Hillinger The Vigil-Watcher: Protection for your Copyrights and Trade Marks.

In this day and age it is very easy for an individual to rip you and your copy written material or licensed merchandise off. These pirates do this by means of electronic reproduction and the use of high quality printing and end user dye sublimation and plastics forming equipment.

A lot of the time these products will show up in short term Auctions and or temporary web based shopping carts which makes it very easy for an individual to sell non licensed materials over the internet.

The Vigil Watcher has been busting these pirates since 1998 and continues the fight against this crime by keeping a Vigil Watch in cyber space for our clients.

These simple questions will help you decide weather or not you might want to hire us as your faithful watch dog.

*Are you getting tired of losing profits to Cyber Pirates?

*Are you or is your legal department to busy to surf the internet to  make sure that your merchandise is protected?

The Vigil Watcher may have the answers you are looking for.

The Vigil watcher has years of experience and the knowledge on how to identify the fraudulent from the real

The Vigil Watcher knows how  these pirates operate and has the means to seek them out on the internet.

*Our services include daily and weekly web browsing and reporting to insure that your product is protected.

 *Offering legal advise and can over see your legal power of attorney in order to shut auctions and fraudulent web sites down.

* The Vigil Watcher offers very affordable rates based on weekly and monthly surveillance and reporting.

Call 800.880.6567 or 661.944-2299 for more information.

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