Jeffrey W. Hillinger Touring Services

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Touring Services:


Tour Management


Lighting Design

Crew Management    Color
Logistics   Fixture Application & Plot
Advancement   Control & Dimming
Customs & Carnets   Power Distribution
Manifests   FX
Transportation   Ultraviolet applications

Scenic Design

Passports   Application
Health and Safety   Fabrication & Materials
  Grand Illusion Tips and Tricks

Tech Services

  Forced Perspective
Guitars   Paint
Keys   Rigging
Drums   Hydraulics
Backline   Pneumatics
Wardrobe   Pyro
Gofer   Scenic & Prop Preset for Quick Change

Effective Communication



Dealing with house stage hands   Control
Dealing with the Promoter   Amplification
Time Management   Speakers
Egress   Acoustics

And anything else you can think of!